Finding the right mentor is invaluable for the long-term success of your business. As a mentor we are there to guide, advise and educate you in areas where you may not have experience.


GSPU startup offers “end to end” implementation support to entrepreneurs and businesses. While we are undisputed market leader in business planning, our team of consultants are equally apt in providing implementation support to new and established organizations. We ensure that starting your business is a seamless activity, where the business idea, business planning and strategic implementation support follows a well defined and milestone based road map.

Our well established methodology ensures that the business opportunities you seek to leverage through moves from being just a great business idea to an implementable business venture.


As a global business and strategic planning company, we have a well defined methodology, which is in line with accepted best practice norms. If you have an existing business plan, our experts will analyze its efficacy and conduct a gap analysis to ensure that the business plan is robust enough to be implemented.


Our detailed workshops will engage your key stakeholder in the decision making process. All your future activities and strategies will be discussed in great detail. Analyzing your business requirements, suggesting options, creating a roll out road map and identifying risks, issues and a governance framework will all be part of this activity. We can conduct these workshops at your premises or utilize technology (i.e. Skype, Video Calls etc) to achieve the desired outcomes.


We will identify each of your functional activities, draft operating procedures that meet compliance and statutory requirements, customize the procedures to meet your strategic plans and deliver them in a comprehensive document format. We will assist in pilot testing the procedures and provide “training” to your team, if required.


It is expected that your company operates in a particular manner. In these workshops we will discuss the “as –is status” and agree on its effectiveness for the construction phase. Should there be gaps, a “to-be” model will be suggested.


We will conduct white board meetings to identify your strategy, process of working and modify them to create a well defined model which will create a correlation between your project plan, stakeholders, operations and organization.

Some advantages of a workshop includes:

  • Laying out a clearly defined road map for a project
  • Getting all stakeholders on a common page
  • Removing any ambiguity
  • Ensuring and defining responsibilities
  • Creating a governance structure
  • Forecasting potential risks and creating a mitigation strategy
  • Create a project strategy which if well implemented can help to reduce time overruns and save on costs.
  • Stakeholders required
  • Management team
  • Project team
  • Technical consultants Team

We work closely with your team to select the ideal technology platform for your business. Through our extensive work, we have often seen an expectation mismatch between an organizations technology needs and the actual solution implemented. Based on our robust framework, we provide cutting edge advice, vendor selection and delivery management support so that your organization, operations, team and technology work in an integrated and seamless manner. At GSPU STARTUP we pride ourselves at providing long term sustainable solutions. We work closely with clients to ensure that our implementation support can be replicated internally once we move on and true tangible benefits are achieved by your business over a sustained period of time.

We provide mentoring to our Founder associates. This includes Business mentoring, IT mentoring, Compliance, Digital Marketing and Intellectual Property. One Hour allocated each month:


Often it helps to have a guiding number that helps you track how your own growth is going. The growth tracker allows you to precisely this. We further support you with push from our end as well.

Face To Face

We organize face to face calls within the founder’s community. There is a wealth of connections to be derived from one another and these calls enable you to find those connections in the community.

Investor Connect

Getting across to the right investors is critical to being able to raise capital. It helps to have a warm introduction to the investors since their willingness to listen to the pitch is greater.


Knowing all the strengths and weaknesses of your venture in terms of the compliance must be understood. Every startup that is a part of this program is given a compliance testing.

Co-Founder Connect

Co-founders are often a challenge to seek out. Since we keep engaging with aspiring entrepreneurs we can connect you with those who are interested to co-founder and be a part of your vision.

Intern Connect

We work with students who are looking to make a mark for them and up for a challenge that they can undertake. We connect you to those who reach out to engage with a startup.

Pitch Square

We love to bring together founders and investors together and for this we have out pitch square. As a part of founder's square you will get a free entry to be a part of this event once.

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