Wondering how to craft a successful idea for your Startup?Let’s check how to do so:

1. Search for troubles:

Search for troubles around you.Small or Big, just note them and prepare a checklist of those troubles.This will be the successful start for your Startup idea.

2. Match your passion & interest with that checklist of troubles:

It’s more of interest than the business tactics to make your venture successful.So match your passion & interest with the checklist of troubles and pick the most appropriate and needed one.

3. Build a practical and victorious solution:

If you already have a solution for a problem then go ahead with it.Or else have e research,grab more findings and output a victorious solution.How to build such an idea?

  • Analyse the Product/Service: Analyse the product you are offering to the public.Be careful to make your product unique from other similar ones.This can only make your product victorious.
  • Is your product market demandable?:  The important part is after all the developments if your product is not market demandable, then the effort will be a  failure.
  • Are you satisfied with your invention?: The initiation will be very instant and active,but many individuals drop the idea after half way.This is due to lack of interest & passion.To avoid such a tragedy it is always better to move forward only if you are satisfied with your invention.

4. Evaluate how your Solution works in the industry:

After building the solution or product its time to analyse how it works in the industry.How this analysis can be made?

  • Market Study: Market study helps you to analyse whether your product or service in the market is new and unique.
    • Craft a brief layout of your product.
    • Surf for similar products if any,compare with their features and check whether any similarities.
    • Monitor client suggestions to improve your output.
  • Audience Interaction: Audience interaction can let you know the customer response of your solution.
    • Check through online websites
    • Conduct online surveys.
    • Utilise social media & social circle.

5. Produce a MVP:

MVP(Minimum Viable Product) is a basic version of your solution,to let us know whether it is market and audience demandable. MVP is different from Prototype.Prototype is just a draft of your idea whereas,MVP is the actual product used by the audience.

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